As has been mentioned several times previously, I’ve been having issues with website maintenance. On my sci-fi fangirl site, I’ve been loosely chronicling the journey and what I’ve been learning, in the hopes someone else can learn from my experiences. It will have a big update in the next few days, as the problem has basically been solved.

For now, however, please bear with me as this site gets remade. It will never be perfect – though it can be interesting, I’d rather draw and paint than spend all day on this – but it will be workable. Lots and lots and lots of tweaks and adjustments will be made on an ongoing basis. Please leave comments if there are things that don’t work, or things you like!

In the meantime, I invite you to look at my galleries, check out the Walking Dead season 3 cards, the Classic Mythology cards, or anything else that strikes your fancy!

Thank you so much for visiting and thank you for your patience… 🙂

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