So, when I’m not painting (and there is a new Bastard to show, down below), I’m trying to attack Illustrator CS6. Talk about a learning curve, it’s more like a learning mountain… but hey, one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do. 🙂

After about 6 hours of figuring out basic tools, I did a thirty second freehand sketch and brought it in through Photoshop to see what would happen. (and when I say basic tools, I mean maybe three tools in all? Builder Bob could open a line of stores with all the tools there are in Illustrator… O_O )

So here are my very first trials, I’d better get… well, better.

Illustrator Trial 2

Illustrator Trial 1

And the second Unicorn/bicorn:

Bicorn 2

Until next time, don’t forget Doctor Who! 🙂

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