With the warm, spring sun comes encouragement, happy moods, and margaritas. The horrid cold of winter seems a manageable distance… finally… and this feels like a good week.

I’ll be continuing a few commissions this week, as well as continuing cards for one set and preparing for another, I’m also continuing my own project, of which much has been done over the weekend. Below is a scan of one of the images.

There are many opinions bouncing around in my head about a few books I’ve been reading and Orphan Black (and the upcoming continuation of Doctor Who), so I hope to have the time this week to write about that on my FanGirl site.

Wednesday marks the end of the auction for the Grimm: Juliette card on Ebay, and one of my Game of Thrones cards is now sold. There are only two left.

Thank you for looking!

Impossible Feathers

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