Disney – Pete’s Dragon

Tomorrow marks one month until the release of some old movie, so in recognition of that (and the permission of the commissioner) I’ll post some work-in-progress shots on occasion of the large painting of Hoth. Very little explaining will go along with them, as I plan to write a piece about the progress at one point. Please disregard the messy everything/anything you might see beyond the working area.

Messy people are just amazing folks, according to science.  🙂

Aside from Hoth, a few other cards are complete, including another in the Fantasia series. This card is much prettier in hand, as all the various blues just schmushed into nothingness in the scan. Another Topps Chrome Perspectives card is also complete – this one of Luke Skywalker. I haven’t had time to list it neither here nor on Ebay, will likely do it tomorrow. I have a few blank ones left, if anyone would like to commission one. I’m asking $140.00 through here, or $150.00 on Ebay.

Luke Skywalker


Difficult to see, but this is the foundation sketch on unmounted canvas.


It’s a mess, and will stay a mess for a while. The painting is planned out, but stuff and stories happen along the way, so we’ll see how it ends up.



Almost complete is the next Disney card, a pony, Middle Earth script, and possibly a rhinoceros. I’m slowly catching up! 😀 Feel free to comment!

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