Welcome to the Blog section of my website… This is utterly under construction, messy as heck, so please watch your step. The whole idea of presenting this in such a mess is two-fold. One, I’d like to build a little traffic to my site, and disaster is a time-proven method of creating at least some interest. Two, I thought perhaps some people might be interested in the trials and tribulations of changing one’s website. Why on earth would that be interesting to anyone? Well, it might not be, but because I have the internet knowledge of a housecat, I thought maybe a few people might find it useful or interesting.

And if you end up taking a look at the artwork, well… that’s cool too… 🙂

In my next post, I shall attempt to remember how I got this thing activated in the first place. Oh, that was actually the third point. Did I mention there was a third point? There is. I’m trying to improve my memory skills, so if I tell you all about it, maybe it’ll stay in my mind!


🙂 Please, post your opinions!

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