Oh, but this was most hateful. Not at all what he had hoped for. To live, but not as himself, or to die a death of lost freedom.

It was very much the same thing, in the end, wasn’t it? Well, yes it was, except that with one death he could be with the one person he loved more than life itself. And that was everything.

Was it? She would die as well, then, and she truly would, for she was not one to take the wishes of another willingly. She would give her life for freedom without thought, never would she let herself be used. Even if it meant giving her life for a city full of bobble-heads who evidently didn’t care who told them what to do, as long as someone did. She would be thinking of those few people whose heads didn’t bobble quite so  much.

Damn. Whatever I do, someone will lose something. Especially me, Will thought with resignation. The wall was behind him, and book was in front of him. He could feel it, drink it, want it, or was it the book that felt those things? He was losing himself already, a shadow of what he was.

Help me, Bryyn, please.

If this could save her, he would happily drown himself in it, but would it really help anyone? Or was Wizard Will just toy once again, a piece to be played with?

I wanted to save you, Brynn, I wanted to be… for you.

The strangeness of the book’s embrace was almost familiar, something he had probably known before. Horribly vast. Impossibly small.

Incredibly overwhelming.

Yes, well. I’ve gotten more words written this week, and I made a discovery. Won’t tell you what it is, except that it doesn’t involve chocolate.

The excerpt above is just a basic idea of what is going on within everything written so far. I miss posting my Flash Fiction pieces, after several years of participating in it, so I put this up, in case anyone would like to read it.

In other news, my artwork job has been very busy and I am glad of that. And, in spite of getting five stitches on my face this week, a few small projects did get finished and next week I can continue on other commissions and things. One set in particular I’m looking forward to trying.

Actually, with the story I’m writing now, I’ve gotten the urge to try writing and drawing a very short sequential piece to go along with it, using completely different characters, to explore the world. I know alot about this world, and have truckloads of notes on it, so it might be an interesting way to find out more, and to see if I’m capable of sequentials or not.

I was listening to Mur lafferty talk about books last week, and how there is one book in particular that, despite the fact there are many things in that book that really bothered her, when the second book comes out she will be first in line to read it. The characters and story were that good.

I totally understand what she means.

I won’t name names, but there is one book I read last year that I both hated and adored – there were things in the book that made me want to burn the damn thing, the kind of thing I detest (women be coddled and treated as breakable, men being nasty and that being something attractive to a woman, I just hate that), but at the same time there was a mystery in the book that I find fascinating. And, basically, the characters were interesting, and individual.

All that to say, I’m anxiously waiting for book two to come out. Can’t wait to hate that book. 😀

Until next time, fandom rules. 🙂



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