Once again, I just couldn’t get a Flash Fiction piece done for this week. But, I did get alot done on my book… I must explain. The very first book I wrote last year, the one that will never see the light of day, I tried writing to a tight outline. The second one I wrote last year, I tried using just a basic outline and did mostly “discovery writing” for almost all of it, which is the way I like to do the flash pieces. An idea, and off you go. It’s just fun to do it that way. But.

But, for a book, I don’t find it works so well for me. Although should the wish to write a book about a character’s summer experience in a rassberry field behind the outhouse, before giving her life away to a career in high-tech off-world android maintenance, that could be a good way to go.

Hmmm, I may have to keep that idea…

Anyway. Where was I? Oh, yes, so… This is what I’m trying to do this time. Discovery write the outline. You know what? It is fun…! I hope to hell I have as much fun continuing to write the story as I am writing the outline… otherwise I’m doomed. Four chapters have already been written – they’ll need to be changed, but I knew that. Now I’ve gotten to know some of my characters: I know who the Dragons are now, and what the Book is that they have created. I know who the Babysitters are (no, seriously, there’s a reason they are called that!), and The Ageless (a nasty bunch of mofos…), and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the Sword nailed, one of the two antagonists.  Last job is to solidify the other antagonist (though I think I’ll write an exploratory chapter about him) and the two protagonists.

Even the world building is coming along, something I didn’t enjoy much in the past. I’m trying to let the story build the world this time, instead of the other way around, and it seems less painful this way.

The one problem I haven’t yet figured out is Point of View. I really like writing first person, but I’m not sure this story would benefit from that. The solution to this problem hasn’t made itself clear yet.

Oh well. Onwards an forwards! Hopefully all will be made clear.

Strangely, I’d also like to write another chapter to continue the smutty Vampire tale. I’m not good at smutty, practice is needed. The bubble-head girl needs some kind of a life, and the egotistical vampire needs a slap. Maybe Flash Fiction Friday will offer just the right prompt for this this Friday…




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