The Force Awakens 1 (Topps/LucasFilm/Bad Robot)

Please forgive me for the awful presentation! I was required to produce 100 cards in a very limited time for The Force Awakens, and was simply unable to scan them individually. Presently, I’m underway with several more new projects, and commissions, and just cannot clip them.

List of artists on this set:

Alejandro Iniguez
Bob Stevlic
Brent Ragland
Carlos Cabaleiro
Dan Parsons
Dan Bergren
Doug Cowan
Francois Chartier
Gabe Farber
Ingrid Hardy
Jeff Mallinson
Justin Mauk
Kris Penix
Kyle Babbit
Rob Teranishi
Robert Hendrickson
Sarah Wilkinson
Sean Pence
Stephanie Swanger
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