And so it goes. The end of the year is upon us (almost), the snow has not yet arrived (up here), and The Force Awakens has debuted. I watched the movie Friday, with my daughter, and despite a few nigglings – I absolutely loved it. I had no choice but to get tickets for the 3D version, and I must say… 2 hours and 15 minutes of 3D is not my idea of great viewing, but maybe I’m just getting older. Yes, some scenes are spectacular with it, but overall it’s annoying and distorts the images more than anything else. Cannot wait to see the movie again in good old 2D.

God I sound crotchety!

But the movie is great fun, and plants solid seeds to move forward from. Personally, I enjoyed the characters of Rey and Finn very much, and look forward to more of them.

So to go along with that, we are now allowed to show our art cards for trading card set from Topps (in conjunction with LucasFilm and Bad Robot). Time was, as it always is, very limited and references from the film were even more limited. I did my best and hope collectors will not hate my work – the project was immensely exciting to work on, and I really did enjoy every card I tried to produce in proper time. We were such a small group of artists doing this – 24 or 26 to the best of my knowledge.

A page, curiously titled The Force Awakens, is set up with images of all my cards. The presentation is terrible – I did not, at that time, have enough time to scan all one hundred cards individually, and at this moment I have even less time. Please forgive me for the sloppiness of it, I really did prefer to put my time into actually painting them best I could within the restrictions instead of extra time scanning. I hope you understand. Each and every one of those 100 cards is unique, and in some cases I tried to make “timing” differences within each of the repeat cards.

Below are a few I did separate to give you an idea. Now available are Artist Proof cards as well – please contact me if you wish to purchase one. Near as I know at this moment, I must stay within what I’d been approved to paint for the set.







Pack inserted The Force Awakens sketch/art cards. 2.5 x 3.5 inches, acrylic paint.

Pack inserted The Force Awakens sketch/art cards. 2.5 x 3.5 inches, acrylic paint.

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