For Flash Fiction Friday’s 58th challenge, were we to choose three words from a list of five and create a story using them. The five words were:  Vitamins, Squid, Carnival, Ballroom, and Razor, with the words I chose in red.

So this is my little tale, I hope you enjoy it… 🙂


The Favor


“You did what?”

“Well, the bike is a classic. Getting the proper parts for it just isn’t easy.”

“You’ll end up like smeared all over the road doing things like that, and I’ll have to pick you up again. Geez. Watch out for this branch-”

Bruce held a long, low branch as he waited for Keith to approach, preventing it from slapping into his follower. Pale yellow and peach-tinted clouds stretched across the powder blue sky, silent as death while the brilliant sun rose slowly above the horizon.

The two men trudged through the small copse of bush and trees, chatting guardedly as neighbors often do, saying one thing while thinking the complete opposite or wishing there was a more important task to take care of, like spending quality time with the pet rat.

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