I have not updated my blog lately… the last dash for NaNoWriMo is on before insanity truly takes over. I just hit 42000 words this morning, farther than I honestly expected to get! Is my story drivel? Is it trash? Bird cage worthy? You are darn right it is! It is absolutely horrible and I love what has come out so far.

This has been such an experience, and once it is over I would like to post my thoughts on it. Doing NaNo is an awful lot like been tossed up against a wall, having a paintbrush thrust into your hands (or a crock pot, or a mountain of clay, or….) and being told “Create something worthy!!” And it is repeated every time you sit down to pick up where you left off, late last night, as you sip you coffee at the marvelous hour of four in the morning, before your workday begins.

Of course, it starts off as foul as vomit, but as one goes along, it kind of gets interesting and then you get into it…

But I’ll rattle on about that next week sometime. I have to go off and draw a horse now. To all my fellow NaNo-ers – hang in there, mates! 🙂

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