Leia - wood cardAll my Star Wars Masterwork cards are finished and have been approved. They are posted in the Gallery named (surprisingly) Star Wars Masterworks. This week, the “things to do” list will include working on some commissions – I’ll be contacting people individually to inform you of progress – and continuing on two other sets. I’ll also slowly begin to promote my Masterwork Artist Proof cards, do contact me if you are interested, they go quite quickly. (They are not available for actual sale, only as “reserved”, until Topps has approved their availability)

For anyone who might be interested, there are a few Personal Sketch/Art cards that I still have available. Ebay is being un-necessarily complicated when trying to post artwork and make it available in different countries. It is very clear that Ebay has the market cornered when it comes to being able to show your wares to a very large audience, but if that large audience cannot see your work, how can you sell it?

Beats me.

So I’ll do it myself. It won’t be the first time I’ll be trying to offer my work through my own website, but possibly I’ve learned a bit since those early days. My occasional newsletter will contain news of when work will be offered for sale directly through here, and also offer some pieces to members first before I offer it publicly. As I’ve already been doing.

Do stay tuned to the trials and tribulations of an artist in the 21st century, what works and what doesn’t.

Off the top of my head right now, I can mention a couple of things that definitely don’t work (and I say these things because there are pages on my website that get a LOT of views, so I know for a fact there are artists that visit here).

1. Staying vewy, vewy quiet. It might have worked for Elmer Fudd, but being an artist and being quiet doesn’t work. Find friendly ways of being vocal.

2. Being vulgar and pushy. Especially on places like Facebook, it is staggering to see the number of people/creators who seem to spend hours putting down other people/groups of people instead of just getting on with the job. Or, and I’ve been told this is almost as annoying, posting “buy buy buy!!!” endlessly.

One thing that seems to work for me:

1. Sticking around. Oh, and learning from mistakes and at least trying to correct them. In fact, this entire post might be one of them! 😀

What works for you?

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