Kylo - His Grandfather's Shadow

Kylo – His Grandfather’s Shadow

A bit of a bigger update today! First, artwork.

This week I’ve been sketching and painting cards for the upcoming set from Perna Studios. Aside from that, a large painting of Hoth is nearing completion, and another commission has been finished… A new Artist Proof card from Topps’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2 set is also now available, my second card thus far. This is “Kylo: In His Grandfather’s Shadow?” The sketch cards in this set are quite rare – the number of sketch artists was even lower. The ebay link will be posted later, or just click HERE (jedipencil on Ebay) anytime for whatever is available.

Edit: The listing is now located HERE. It’s a five day auction.

Next, as everybody probably knows by now (my excitement knows no bounds!), I’ll be on a short trip to Europe in June. Partially to visit family (my Danish heritage), partially family vacation (my two young adults and significant other), it will also serve – I hope – to recharge the creative batteries, with lots to see, feel, and taste (yessir, I’ll be on the hunt for recipes… and wine…lol…). I’d thought maybe to post travel pics here, but WordPress (much as I truly love WP) is a bit long when it comes to uploading and posting photos, so I’ll be using Instagram instead, and probably Twitter as well (see below for links to those accounts). Instagram is super-easy and fast with cell photos (better things to do on vacation than bother with social media for more than ten minutes a day!), and I actually use Twitter on occasion – and it’s also easy to post cellphone pics. Oh, and of course, there’s got to be WIFI to post, but so far, nearly everywhere in Europe seems to have a WIFI zone. I’ll have my Nikon with me to shoot proper photos, but I won’t be messing with those until my return.

denmark mapDenmark and France are the targets. We’ll be driving through a good part of the Danish peninsula, as I have relatives scattered throughout the country, and I hope to speed-sketch as much as possible.

In France, Paris (of course) is on the list, as well as St. Malo, a historic city (Of course every place is historic in Europe… :-p) located on the coast, that we’ll get to by train. Traveling by train is simply wonderful.

If you’d like to virtually travel along, follow my Instagram and Twitter handles for pics beginning around June 7th. Please feel free to comment on anything! I don’t get to travel very often (did much more of that when younger, with no responsibilities), so I intend to experience as much as possible, and enjoy sharing it.



In the meantime, I’ll be continuing projects and commissions. Come July, there might be room for some new commissions, should anyone be interested! Thanks for reading, and here’s to new experiences. And the promise to be patient. :-p

The walled part of St. Malo. We'll be staying a 15 minute walk away!

The walled part of St. Malo. We’ll be staying a 15 minute walk away!

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