Sketch a day sketchbook, less than an hour

Sketch a day sketchbook, less than an hour

For someone who (tries to) make a living in the visual arts, sketching is pretty much essential. indispensible. Invaluable. It’s also REALLY hard to find the time to do it…  😆  Sounds silly, doesn’t it, when you hear it from people who spend the better part of their day doing just that – sketching or painting, either organically or digitally. But it is surprisingly true.

Way back when (waaaaay back when), when I had the time to draw all the time (meaning my parents paid the bills), it was something I didn’t even think about. Nothing to do? Draw something. Bored at school? Draw something. surreptitiously, of course, because drawing and reading in class were no-no’s. Drawing was the only way for me to interact with other human beings as well, at that  time, since I was one of those super-shy types and socially inept. Bullied for a year as well, and my drawing couldn’t get me out of that, but for everything else my pencil was my hero.

Then life came along, and drawing was only for “paying” work, or in spare time. Then kids came along and even paying work had to take a hiatus. But now for the past ten years I’ve been drawing and painting a lot. Free sketching has stayed behind though, as there is always something else to do.

Well, if I want to grow as an Illustrator, I guess that time had better be found. Always after the days projects and commissions of course, but in the past week I’ve discovered that there is nothing wrong with just 5 minutes or 15 minutes there.

After reading the book “The Art of Urban Sketching“, it really got that engine running again… Being able to just mess around in a sketchbook where I can draw badly if I want to. I have several sketchbooks running, but my wish for them was – and still is – to create sketches that I can “finish” even if they are supposed to stay “sketchy”.

Not this book. In this book it’s okay to draw yucky, not to finish, or try styles I have never tried. It is also forcing me to create new habits, to nearly always have of the two “sketch a day” books with me (both are small, but one is a super-small Moleskin that I can fit in my smaller purse) and creating positive habits is always good.

Anyways. So sorry for the length of this – it won’t be like this every time I post a sketch. In fact I  might not even post any text, perhaps just how many minutes it took to draw whatever I drew. I hope to keep the habit going while on vacation this summer – that will be hard for me. Not so fond of drawing in public, that is uncomfortable. Which means I gotta try it… lol…

I hope you’ll join me for the length of time I do this, and I honestly don’t know how long it will be. I’m making special tags to make it easy to find the post just with the Sketch a Day images for anyone interested. If you want, you can post in the replies, do your own sketch a day! It’s all good. Remember, for sketch a day stuff, we are allowed to be bad. We can do it nasty, if we want. (chuckle) see what I did there…? Orphan Black reference…

Sketch a day sketchbook, less than an hour

Sketch a day sketchbook, less than an hour

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