Friday was the only day I could go, but it was an experience nonetheless. Montreal has had a comicon since (I think) 2006, but it has grown immensely since that time. In 2006, apparently there were about 5000 visitors. In 2013 there were 42,000 visitors and expected over 50,000 for this past weekend. I haven’t seen the stats yet for the Con, but I wouldn’t be surprised. There were a TON of people even on a Friday. with a number of younger fans that evidently got the day off from school… somehow… lol

Anyway, I had a GREAT time even though it would have been fun to see some of the weekend guests too. The best part however (besides seeing K-9, the Tardis, and surviving the Daleks) was meeting Elaine and Tony Perna of Perna Studios, Kate Bradley, and Francois Chartier, both artists who work on the same trading card properties as myself.

I also managed to almost complete my X-Files DVD collection, and added a few pieces of steampunk jewelry to my collection. Below are a couple of photos. The blurry one that looks like nothing was a shot of Karl Urban, who plays the young Doctor McCoy in the Star Trek reboot. Most of the Next Generation crew were there, along with Sir Patrick Stewart and John DeLancie. Matt Smith was supposed to have been there Sunday, but we were told he had to cancel.

I hope to attend next year as an artist, and will be looking for someone to share a table with. It would also be great to sit in and listen to a few of the panels, those are usually very interesting.

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