December 16, 2016 sees the release of the latest Star Wars movie – Rogue One. Supposedly named as such because the movie handles mostly new characters in George Lucas’ universe, and so was nicknamed “the rogue movie/the rogue one” by those working on it. That’s the rumor trickling around online… How much truth there is in it, I have no idea, but the idea is kind of cool. I really am excited about going to see this movie, because it’s Star Wars (d’uh), but also because since it’s new and since we have a vague idea already about that “event” hinted at in the original Star Wars: A New Hope, it seems pretty much anything could happen in this story.

We’ll see…….

After finishing up my cards for Topps’ Rogue One Series 1 (and this time they all got scanned), here is my second-to-last Artist Proof card for Topps’ Rogue One Mission Briefing trading card set. It is currently up for auction on Ebay (sigh, their fees just go up and up….) and ends Tuesday morning.

From Topps' "Star Wars Rogue One - Mission Briefing", 1 of 7 artist proof cards.

From Topps’ “Star Wars Rogue One – Mission Briefing”, 1 of 7 artist proof cards.

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