topps_sw_master_extra_1Next year will mark an era in my full-time art career – a ten-year anniversary.

Full disclosure – I have gotten to the age when you can look back and see life like a series of waves. Waves of events that roll and churn; rush in and happen, then run away like M&M’s. Then roll in again even bigger, and of course skittle away just as fast. I hope to bring the waves in next years.

Now that I’ve made you good and seasick, my point shall be made. I’ve been an Illustrator (and closet writer) for nearly *&#$ years, but 2016 will mark ten years that I’ve doing it full-time, AND ten years that I have been fairly solidly in the sketch card industry. Well, perhaps “industry” is a heavy word for it, but I can’ think of a better word. As stated on my WIASC page (in French and English), sketch cards – or Art Cards – are rather small, and their right and true ancestral lineage is just a bit shrouded in a certain amount of mystery, though there are those who brightly state they know where the Very First Card came from. Could be as late as the 1970’s – could be as early as the 19th century. Doesn’t really matter, these are things you can really and truly hold in your hands, or hang on the wall, trade them, buy them, sell them, collect them, build houses with them, whatever you wish.

As a complement to other work, I love the sketch card world. People who like these cards REALLY like them, and that is fun. It is also very satisfying to see new collectors come on board.

So I’m ruminating now on some ideas I’d like to try during 2016, because plans usually do like popcorn and explode to silly proportions. Like my short-lived “Showcase!” project, I plan on approaching some people to chat with, interview, hang around with – things like that. Some of which would just be posted here to read, others might be video chats that I’ll provide links to for anyone interested in either attending or just to watch when time is available.

Who would you like to see or read about? I have a long list, and will also re-post those amazing people I already did contact last year. Suggest some names. Individuals? Companies? Artists? Collectors? Let me know. Post here or contact me privately – as you prefer. Next year will be my third “bungee” year in a row (giggle), and I’d like to make it as stimulating as the great ocean tides.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

À bientôt!

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