2014 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Rabid Horse. As I have a few new sets coming out this year, and also have one or two personal projects almost ready to go, I’d occasionally like to send out a newsletter to those who are interested in the work I do. There are a couple of new sets coming out this year that I’ll be participating in, and can only reveal them when the time comes, so I thought perhaps it would be handy for some people to be able to find out about them in their mailbox, in case they forget to read their RSS feeds. As a basic “fan-girl” at heart, I follow different feeds myself, and occasionally either forget or simply don’t have the time to go read them. Not always, but it happens.

My Unicorns and Bastards will be evolving this year as well, and will also be part of a sketch card set! Of that I’m terribly proud, and would like to get the word out in every way possible when the time comes.

Lastly (but not finally, this is definitely ongoing), I have a number of return cards (please see “What Is A Sketch Card?” for a definition, in case you are as yet uninitiated to Return Cards) that finally I can begin to paint this year. I very simply did not have the time last year, and the newsletter may well be the best way to let you know what I have, what can be commissioned, and where or when they are available.

Have no fear, the newsletter will not be often – only when there is something to say – and they won’t start until February. And don’t forget that I always welcome feedback and communication, either through this site (comments are open and I reply to everything), or email.

To sign up for Rabid Horse News, on the right side of this page (under the Follow That Horse! rss feed box) in the second box from the top is where you can enter your email address. You’ll be sent a confirmation email to reply to.

Let me thank you know for having read this, and I look forward to sharing my year with you!

January 02, 2014

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