I didn’t know it could be done. To me, Excel equals  dull, dull, dull.

I just had to share something I came across last evening that just blew me away… A pretty-looking spreadsheet! My desktop basically bit the dust after five long years and so that forced me to upgrade. The version of Quickbooks that I had on that machine was just as old, it had never been upgraded, but worked fine so I thought I’d just move it over to this one. Nope. Shows I was born in in the BC era (Before Computers). The OS on the old machine was XP so of course hardly anything I had would move over to Windows 8.1.

Anyhow, long story short, I am NOT buying a tone of software after buying a new system, so here enter Excel. I have a passing knowledge of Excel, so then entertained the thought of just keeping my business ccunting on Excel. That’ll be fine, right? Well, yes and no. Yes it does the job, but no I’m not able to do all those fancy formulas.

Here comes my great knowledge of the Internets to the rescue! There are all kinds of resources for finding simple templates and bunches of formulas…. It’s almost exciting. Toss in a glass of wine and some chocolate, and that’ll make for a very evening.

But wait! I like to draw stuff and try to make a living with that, so looking at dry, shrivelled lines with numbers is… dull. No torque, no turqoise, no love interest. Yuk. So off I went to search for something interesting to look at while making (a few) invoices. Looks like for once the Earth’s gravitational pull was pulling just right because look what came up! I’m posting links here because I think she does a fine job of her spreadsheets, and she looks to be a pretty fine artist too. And these are easy enough to tweak with your own artwork (or mine, hint hint). Fan of Supernatrual? She’s got you covered.

She put these together for NaNoWriMo, so all you writers out there (I know you’re there somewhere), do check them out. NaNo is almost over, but every month can be NaNo month! I’ll be doing my own probably in February, because this month is dedicated to the final edits of my already-finished book. Yes, I did that plug on purpose. 🙂

I intend to use the template to set up my word counts for future novels, as well as for my accounting. I think they are clever, colorful, and interesting. Visit her site and download the templates! Svenga Gosen clearly states they are free to use and share. LINK

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