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From Dustra Productions, my unicorn Artist Proof card. $95.00

From Dustra Productions, my unicorn Artist Proof card. $95.00

There is a new unicorn available from Dustra Productions over here, if anyone would like to adopt a unicorn. 😀 I will have more “The Force Awakens” artist proof cards available in the coming weeks, after some time-sensitive work has been completed, a couple of projects I look forward to sharing.

This past week I was invited to participate on a podcast. Not just any podcast, but one I regularly listen to – The Functional Nerds Podcast! John Anelio (@JohnAnealio) and Patrick Hester (@atfmb) are two fascinating guys who are involved in the SF world through their writing and music, and also have a healthy sense of curiosity. I can identify with that. They’ll be asking me about sketch cards and stuff, so you’re invited to listen to me make a total fool of myself (giggle).

I’ll post the date when the episode goes up, but regardless you should really give the podcast a listen. They are interesting hosts and chat about many things with lots of people way more interesting than myself, chuckle, but it should be fun. See you there!


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