Summer is finally (I mean finally) almost here. Gosh, but I hope it is a nice one. Plants in the garden are growing like weeds, and so are the weeds…

Summer is great, but it certainly kills all the interesting TV shows. All two of them (sorry, I meant “three”). Fringe is out for the summer, Sanctuary is over, and Grimm is done for the season. Oh, actually, I meant “four” shows… Doctor Who comes back this summer! Yes! But I’ve no idea when, up here in Canada. Apart from that, I see nothing but a large vaccuous pit of nothing.

Speaking of Doctor Who, honestly – tell me… how many TV shows are there that can survive such an erratic episode schedule? It is insane! A year can go between “seasons”! And yet it carries on. And other shows that stay faithful (reasonably, at least) to schedules get the delete button. Like Sanctuary. It had its faults, but its pluses were much more numerous. (and I’m told Eureka was a similarly good show, though I’ve never seen it)

Makes one wonder why

Well, it leaves more time for reading and writing, which is great. And that’s another thing – some authors (y’all know who you are because I forget all your names) take years between novels, and they still manage to sell muffin-loads of books.

The only thing I can think of, is the massive power of “fanhood”. (yes I know it is supposed to be “fandom”, it just came out “fanhood” instead). Perhaps it also shows how important it is to find those fans in the first place. While I carry on my searches for those books that make me want to give up life in order to find the time to read them (I like lots of books, but those particular tales are so very few and far between), it occurs to me that in this day and age of internet instantaneousness, we are all in a similar – and please note I did say “similar”, not “same” – of the days before the internet. Why? There are SO MANY sites, groups, forums, writers, artists, blogs, etc ad infinitum, that is it almost too much. How to find something when there are no outlets to give them to you? How to find something when there are too many?

And indeed, not everyone is internet-savvy, even now. Progress is fantastic, but it is difficult for everyone and everything to keep up. I’m wondering if the near future will be filled a little more with inventions of people just trying to keep up, rather than brand new technologies. It’s not over yet, as the cinnamon-bun girl said.

In other news, I’ve gotten more writing done! Oh yes I have. A little way, makes the day. 🙂

As well, speaking of Grimm, I’ll be working on the trading card set for the show! Breygent Marketing will be releasing a trading card set that will include sketch cards (a very limited number, we were told) and yours truly will be doing a few! I wish Fringe would have sketch cards in their sets…

And on ebay this week, I have an “auction in a cave”, so to speak… The first of three Artist Proof cards (4 x 5 inches) is up for auction, completely hand painted in acrylic. If you wish to take a look, the link is HERE. I also have a large landscape card entitled “Mythic Mountains” available, which can be found HERE. Thanks for looking!

Until next time, Fangirls Rule.

Oh, was wine was promised? How true… I’d like a glass too, if there is any left… 🙂





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