Heheh… I’ve got a new toy to play with, the Divi theme upgrade. Forgive the messiness but if I don’t play with it, I won’t learn how to use it… (take that as you will)

The point of this post is to mention that the page dedicated to equine artwork I’ve done is finally up. Not everything is uploaded to it yet, but it’s there if you wish to take a gander! There are some paintings not there yet, and some book illustrations about the history of the Canadian Horse that I did some years ago that I’d like to add when I get a few more free moments.

If you do take a look at the few images posted so far, leave a comment or like the page! 🙂

Equine Art

Happy weekend! Oh, and the season finale of Orphan Black is tomorrow night! 🙁  Going to miss Helena… (until next season)

Below is just me playing with the new toys… You may facepalm now. 🙂

Personal Art Card, 2.5 x 3.5 acrylic paint.

Personal Art Card, 2.5 x 3.5 acrylic paint.

Bam Bam (good buddy of Pebbles)

Hanovarian Horse (Privately Commissioned)

A dazzingly spectacular waste of superlatively valuable time and space, this blurb is, said Yoda as he waddled off into the mists of Dagobah, wondering quietly how he could show up in The Force Awakens with his good buddy The Grouch.

Naughty Narrator

Input Instigator, Bothersome Blurbs

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