It is Friday once again, and I’m not sad about it. Nope. I’ll be drawing a good part of the weekend, and am not sad about that either…

Since I’ve nothing to complain about – at least not publicly – here are two pieces I can show for this week. One is a private commission based on the Jungle Book, and the other is what I could call Blue Friday, or a scene from Game of Thrones. That show doesn’t appear on any stations I get here, but maybe one day I’ll get the DVDs. To be honest, I’ve more than enough to watch right now. But this show certainly does seem to have a lot of neat things to draw and paint… 🙂

Jungle Book 1

If you wish to purchase the Game of Thrones card below, either contact me or click the image to be redirected to Ebay. The price is $50 plus 3.50 shipping North America, 5.00 shipping overseas. Thank you!Game of ThronesHappy Spring weekend!  #artcards #sketchcards #collectibleart

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