A few more pieces:

From Perna Studios’ [I]Witchcraft[/I] trading card set, from Topps’ [I]Star Wars Rogue One Mission Briefing[/I] set, and from my own Europe 2016 watercolors: [I]Notre Dame de Paris[/I]. The wonkiness of the watercolor is truly intentional, seeing the building with my own eyes for the very first time is jaw-dropping. It’s big. Reeeaaally big. And the amount of workmanship – both outside and in – is just mind boggling. I wanted to try and capture the feeling of the size of it with this sketch. Didn’t really succeed but I’ll be doing more.

RancorPerna Studios Witchcraft 1

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris. 9 x 12 inches, watercolor and ink on heavy Arches watercolor paper.


Lastly, a new auction is up! The Rancor from Rogue One: Mission Briefing (Topps trading card set) is up on Ebay HERE, if you wish to bid!

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