I shamefully didn’t participate in last week’s Flash Fiction Friday, despite the very enticing prompt. There is just too much on my plate at the moment, and the little free time I do have is put to my attempt to write my third book. (seven more “books of crap” to go, before being publishable… lol…)

Anyway. Out of the blue, a prompt from the effervescent Chuck Wendig caught my attention, and the word count was perfect. One sentence! Or, to be more precise, the opening line to a story. I can do that. Maybe not well, but I can do that.

So here it is.

“It came from under the chair, dragging my fear along with it.”


In other news, I have just finished drawing 25 cards for Breygent Publishing’s “Warlord of Mars” trading card set, and am just beginning 50 cards for Topp’s new set: “Mars Attacks!”, based on the original Mars Attacks from 1962. Lotsa primary colors being used for this set. 🙂

Till next time, free the fangirls.

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