This is more or less when I’d have posted my Flash Fiction, but since I have decided to try continuing – and finishing – the story begun a couple of weeks ago, I shall blab– I mean blog, instead.

Got about 800 words done on my book this week, and I’m pleased because it is moving along, in a first draft sort of way. I’m taking notes as it goes along: things to cut or flesh out when it comes time to edit, and points to remember for way on down the road in the story.

So in my day job as an illustrator, podcasts are what I listen to most of the time, if not music (specifically Muse and the Black Keys) (oh, and a few soundtracks too…) and one that I listen to every week is I Should Be Writing (search for it in iTunes). Mur Lafferty is a fascinating study in the process of life. Actually it is a podcast about writing, and there are fantastic interviews with many, many authors, and I’ve been introduced to some really good books through her podcast, among others.

Her way of speaking is the way I’d like to be… She takes her time to make a point, something I’ve been trying for years to do, but sometimes my mouth shoots faster than my brain. Sometimes that silencer doesn’t work.

And how to do something – like write – when life is through all kinds of things at you… some of those things wonderful, some less so. How do you do it without seeming selfish or self-centered?

I don’t know.

See, even now, women are often expected to give. And give and give and give… You do it because it’s easier than fighting. Right? Oh come on. You know it’s true. And you what is sad… I just realized that my fourteen year old daughter has understood that. What have I done wrong…

Dammit, Doctor Who should have been a woman. Yes. A woman with a screwdriver. Take that, you nasty Slaveen…

But I digress.

I should be happy because my day job is coming along, and I feel like I’m beginning to see a direction for my work. A vague direction, yes, but it’s an arrow in the darkness of the day, nonetheless. And the family actually enjoys most of the meals I’ve been learning to cook… Oh, I discovered Masa Harina flour two weeks ago! Try making corn tortillas with that flour, it’s just delicious.

But I digress again.

If you like writing, and reading, for that matter, Mur Lafferty is very interesting to listen to. Different. Always has great interviews.

Okay, okay, I’ll be honest. I won’t lie to someone who takes the time to read what I write (or look at what I’ve painted). Why am I posting about I Should Be Writing? Because she asked us to. And I’m doing it because I truly do like her podcast. It’s not like my post will change the world, my blog doesn’t get a bajillion hits a day, but, just like those few hundred words every day, it’s something.

If I’d started my book last year, I’d be done by now! Except I didn’t have the story idea. So that wouldn’t have worked. Alright then, a year from now my book will be finished, and garnering all kinds of awesome reviews! (my tongue is in my cheek, just in case you don’t see it…) And of course, the cover will be done by moi. I’ll need a typesetter for the cover though… I’m no good at type.

Thanks Mur, for sharing your view of the world.

Until next time, free the fangirls.

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