Leia Organa - Star Wars Masterwork from ToppsIt’s Monday! And it’s bloody freezing here in south-eastern Quebec! Seriously, it January-like weather outside, and it is supposed to be Spring… 🙁

Anyway, here is one of my artist proof cards from the Topps Star Wars trading card set, Leia Organa. It is spoken for, and I’m on to the last one. Next up as well are three Disney-based cards for two different commissions (Fantasia and Winnie the Pooh), a few other commissions and some more horses. ♥  Might do some Russian horses this time around… or… hmmm. Any ideas?

Oh and I also hae two larger pieces to paint, which will be great, I’ve been getting the itch to paint bigger again. Just a bit, not too big. Hockey and Star Wars.

You know, strangely, they kind of go well together… 🙂

Edit: Last quick note – My “contact me” page has been updated, in case anyone needs it. I’ll try to update my Empire Strikes Back page today or tomorrow.

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