A brand new year! After barely seeing a single flake of snow in December, we now have a good foot of the stuff on the ground here in Quebec. As of this writing, it’s also a chilly -20 degrees celsius… a bit of a shocker as we were continually in spring-like temperatures until now.

Anyway, as of today, I’m back in my studio (yay! I missed it). Christmas paper is in the recycle bin and New Year’s dishes are all (finally) washed – I can finally take back my tubes of Prussian Blue and Yellow Ochre. This week I will finish some commissions. two larger paintings will be started, and I will begin three new “company” sketch card projects (and there are two others for Feb/March). Two of these have very short deadlines, so a couple of commissions might be held back temporarily, but they will be completed. Never forget, contact me anytime → ingrid.hardy.1@sympatico.ca OR ingridhardy32@gmail.com

Lastly, if you wish, visit my Purchase Artwork page for whirl around. A few of my Personal Sketch/Art Cards are put up for sale here, and you can view of anything available on Ebay on this page as well; it take only a minute or two for any changes in those listings to appear automatically on that page.

The tip of Denmark really does look like this – I stood right here 27 years ago.

Well OF COURSE I intend to have a glass of wine in France! And I’ll tell you all about it.

A brief announcement! In June I shall be completely off for about two weeks as my family and I make a trip to Denmark and France! My creative batteries will be on “super-charge” while there, and I hope to take the opportunity to sketch along the way, but will for sure be taking lots of photos! It would be great to take you along with me (if you wish, of course!), so I’m thinking of the easiest ways to share a couple of photos each day on the trip. Maybe Instagram or Twitter… It’s a bit of a new concept for me – if you have suggestions on that, I’d sure love to hear them! 😀

On that note, may I wish everyone a delectable New Year! Good health and smooth sailing to all!

very kindly


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