Jawa Transport

Jawa Transport

A short update for this morning as I rush off to get some work done. A third of the way through one set, planning out the next, and some more editing on Pieces of Nothing (can’t wait to post the cover – it is not a painting, but I’m hoping it’ll be catchy…), AND to let everyone know the latest Gallifrey Stands – A Doctor Who Podcast has been released yesterday, for anyone who watches the show and would like to listen to four or five of us (how many were we? I think… four, this time) ponder on last Saturday’s episode “Time Heist”.

On next week’s episode, I’ll have a teeny bit of Doctor Who book news! 🙂 Click below to download the podcast…


Over at SciFiFanGirl, my next post will probably be about a short story I just read, called The Viscount and the Witch by Michael J. Sullivan. I really enjoyed it and would like to expound on it. Liked it so much, in fact, I’m off to purchase an actual book in that series… yikes, it has been years since I’ve read some true Fanstasy/Sci-Fi Fantasy! Also up for discussion: The Man Who Folded Himself (get ready to have your brain implode, seriously….), and my thoughts on this season’s Doctor Who so far.

Let me know YOUR thoughts! 😀

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