The past two weeks have seen a lot of completed work, and I can show almost none of it yet. Two sketch card sets are done, another should be finished this week, and a commissioned painting for a set next year has reached the half-way mark to being completed. I cannot wait to show that piece – it involves several horses. 🙂

There will be a new sketch card set (well, two actually) started shortly, but the deadline for one is very relaxed, and the other is very comfortable. All that meaning that my focus really will be back on completing commissions again, in not too long a time frame… a week and a half, about.

Something else will be starting within a month or two. A project I’ve been playing with for the past few years will begin to see the light of day, in its own peculiar fashion, both here on my site and probably on Facebook as well, on its own page. It’ll probably all be connected in the wibbly-wobbly manner that is the internet… It should be interesting to see how the project evolves. I foresee lots of sketches and drawings, some navel-gazing monologs, some vengefully-spilled blood and guts, a few paintings over time, and gosh knows what else. You are invited to stay tuned! It will be its own peculiar “thing”.

Within a month or so, I will also be offering up a few Artist Proof/return cards that I haven’t had the time to work on, from sets such as Grimm (Bregent Marketing), Pastime Portraits Hall of Fame Baseball (Pastime Cards), The Deep (Viceroy), and one or two others.

Well then, allons-y! 🙂

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