Have been getting a number of commissions done, and will have plenty to show. But at the same time, I’ve had to begin moving my website to a new host… I am running out of space for image posting and that just will not do!

The entire process will take about a week, it seems, and my SciFiFanGirl site will be moving in with this one as well, so most of this week’s evenings and the upcoming weekend will be dedicated to putting files and databases into boxes and loading the moving truck. 😛

This site’s address will remain the same, so in effect, not much changes on the outside, though I might rearrange things while I’m at it. My SciFiFanGirl’s address will probably change some, seeing as it will change from a free wordpress host to my new host, but that will be updated here when the time comes, if anyone is following along with it.

Both these sites will need updating afterwards! New work and sketches to show, and another book finished as well as thoughts on my re-viewing of the X-Files TV series.

Next year I will be hunting for some new projects to work on, and will be attacking that plot with determination.

Please stay tuned for new housewarming news…


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