Forgive my self-indulgence here… I came across this by accident, looking at my site stats.

I’m on Amazon… O_O…!I have my own Amazon page! Gads.

To be honest, I was one of several authors (well THEY are authors, I’m a tourist) who participated in this amazing collection. Since published, the collection has raised some good money for homeless and abused children. My hat is off to Thomas Pluck and Fiona Johnson for their tireless work.

What I didn’t know was that my name was there, and by golly it even posts updates from my site/blog! How does it do that??

I had better hurry up and finish writing my current project… lol… Golly, the things one discovers on Sunday morning!

Next week I will show a couple of new things, but not much as I was asked to paint a few more cards for a set I had finished. I’m rather pleased with them and wish I could show them, but they will have to wait.

A site called Canvas Network came into my view lately as well, they offer MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses – and are offering one called “Gender Through Comic Books”. These courses are free, but of course you are the one that needs to put the hours/time/energy into it. Freelancers have LOTS of those things (tongue firmly in cheek), so of course I signed right up for it.

There is no way I can put in the time truly needed, but I am reading through the books on the reading list, and thinking about the questions asked, and all that stuff. Fascinating topic. Of course, the questions can be applied to any area of society, not just comic books, and in ANY society. And it applies not only to women, but men as well. Honestly, it is a topic too grand to condense into one area, or a few weeks, or a paragraph of opinions… I hope to incorporate some of what is presented to us through my work, or maybe even just chat about it.

In the meantime, I’m off to re-watch Doctor Who… 🙂

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