Time ran out on me like a bad date this week, and therefore I lacked the self-confidence to post an update. ( 😀 ) Today is – for those who are not fans, or are new to this plane of existence – the anniversary of Doctor Who, and that means that at ten minutes to two o’clock this afternoon (Montreal time), a good number earthlings will be glued to their HD Widescreen thingies (gone are the days of “tube tv”) to watch the special. And that includes myself. Hopefully a few family members too…

I have finished my cards for Historia, and had a great time drawing/painting them. Also finished are a couple of commissions, and there are a good number more in front of me, and I can’t wait to get to them! Then I get to the last official project of the year, and continue planning my personal project, a love letter (to shamelessly borrow from Dorst and Abrams) to the hand-drawn image.

If there are any Doctor Who fans reading this, well, let’s hope we have fun this afternoon! Knowing Mr. Moffat, “The Day of the Doctor” will no doubt need to be re-watched several times… 😀

I have lots of thoughts on where I’m up to in the book I’m reading as well. My plan was to post my update this morning, on my SciFiFanGirl blog, but it will more likely be this evening.

In any case, thanks for reading, and as always, your comments and thoughts are always welcome. Allons-y! 😀

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