Happy New Year! I got to spend it handling what is supposedly pneumonia. A long-standing tradition I have (a friend suggested it to me many, many moons ago) consists of doing on January first whatever it is I want to do – as work – for the rest of the year. So of course I shall be sketching as well. I just don’t have the energy to paint today.

Along with sketching, I felt the need to write, and so here is the mess in my head this morning. Here’s to health, happiness and black holes! 🙂

Oh, one last thing. The first line is a fiction prompt from The Daily Prompt.

The Color Orange

“I thought we’d never come back from that one…”

Thhk-clump thhk-clump, thhk-clump thhk-clump… The rhythmic sound of two friends shuffling across the loose sand was comforting, and the sound willingly went where ever the gentle winds wished to take it.

“Sam, you always say that.” The chocolate-brown nose of the figure on the left pointed accusingly to the owner of a nose so white, it could have been blue. Sam snorted at his friend’s look.

“But it’s true! Weiss, this was the year it all finally happened…”

“It hasn’t happened yet. Hey look, Bluebells! Yum.” Dipping his long neck, Weiss nipped at a small bunch of blue flowers that had grown from the sand before Sam could get his teeth on them.  The red-orange light from the sky – it could have been about midday – undulated like a simmering pot of soup, casting a very lovely glow on whatever was in reach of it.

“Well, okay, no… it hasn’t…” Sam sputtered, “But technically one could say…”

“You know, sometimes I think we’ve travelled together too long. You babble.”

“I do not! Take that back!”

“And for gosh sakes, on this planet you look like you’re dying. You’re too white for an orange atmosphere.”

Sam looked at Weiss. And yes, the was a measure of shock on his long face.

“You hurt me.” Sam snorted forcefully and stared straight ahead, chin in the air, kicking the sand just a bit harder than necessary as he walked along. And along. And along some more…

Mine is longer than yours.” Smug Sam puffed his shoulders, gazing pointedly at the horizon, conveniently enthralled by the beauty of a disappearing cloud.

Weiss rolled his eyes.

“And I got more ridges.”

” ‘Have!’ “Weiss snorted. ” ‘Have more ridges’, you dropout, and you’re so full of it! You don’t even use the thing.”

“Yes I do! I caught your lunch with it yesterday! Sparrowfish are hard to catch here, at this time of year.” Sam snorted once again, with pride this time. He had undeniable skill catching fish.

The two continued along in silence, the orange light turning Sam’s blue-white body to an old ochre, while it turned Weiss’ brown body almost golden. The long hair of their tails floated behind them, swishing as thoughts of the unknown passed through their minds. Hoofprints followed the two companions faithfully, never straying, never cheating. The prints stretched far, far behind them, and even though the elements erased them, they were still there, plain to see for those who needed to.

“You… cooked that fish very nicely.” Sam did his best to walk nonchalantly. “You know, for someone with a short horn.”

“Yeah well. Wait and see if I ever cook for you again.” The landscape had changed gradually as they walked, a few buildings beginning to appear here and there. “And mine may be short, but it’s bigger than yours.” Weiss could not help himself, and was inordinately pleased to hear his eternal friend’s snort.

“Hey.” Weiss toyed with an idea. “Remember the Blue Firefly? It has been at least two Cycles since we’ve been there.” The sound of Sam’s laugh was answer enough. “What say we drop in again? I’ll show you what my horn is capable of.”

“I do like a good sword fight… Well, I guess we could drop in. Only one beer though. You know what beer does to Unicorns.”

“I know what beer does to you.” Weiss snickered. “I never understood why you drink that human swill. The Swarm, however… They knew how to make a decent drink. Nasty bunch, but no one made a Full Moon like they did.”

The declining light glinted off the two unicorns, different in color, different in character, different in horns. No matter where they went, their differences went with them.

“Jacob feints to the left every time a redhead walks by.” Weiss remarked. “Remember Wanda? She was so red, her horn was pink. The only one I ever saw. I think she’s gone now.”

“Would it help if I wore a wig?”

“It might. Can you wiggle?”

“Maybe. What do I get out of this?”

“A lesson in how to use your horn.”

A long-suffering sigh was all the white unicorn offered.

“If you lose, we go on a trip. If Jacob wins, we go on a really big trip.” Sam’s white horn described an invisible design in the air, as if he was drawing the map of The Most Fabulous Trip.

“Oh aren’t you clever. You failed pre-school, didn’t you?” Weiss could see the outline of a blue sign. “You were smarter when you were Samantha.” That earned Weiss a truly evil look from his walking buddy.

“Tell you what,” The brown unicorn quickly added, “If I beat Jacob – and I will, because I’m just that good – we will go bother the humans again. You know how much fun that is.”

The quick glanced he gave his friend confirmed that he had a good idea. Sam’s ears perked up at the thought.

“Oh that could be fun! What should we do to them this time?”

The blue sign was right in front of the two now, the firefly design winking on and off. The volume of noise emanating from the interior was a good indication that it was a full night.

“Well let’s go have a drink and see what we can come up with. You got that wig?”

United with a common goal, the two different friends punched the door with their horns and sauntered in. The one thing stronger than dearly anything else in any universe.

“I wonder what would happen if…” And the door bounced shut behind them.


Could Be The End

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