Brief thoughts on the course so far.

So at the end of the day, I’ve been reading a lot of comic books that are on the reading list for the Gender Through Comic Books MOOC. Reading the very first issue of Superman (1939) compared to Superman in the 1960’s is already a big difference, and then picking up even later issues is different yet again. Funny how art and entertainment really are a reflection of both the times and society we live in.

Then, reading the first issue (not appearance) of Wonder Woman in 1942 is so very different from now. Frankly, even though Wonder Woman was really a break through back then, reading the stories in that volume are silly. But of course, progress has to start somewhere.

TONS of comics to read tonight and on the weekend, including an early Daredevil, Secret Six #1 – 7, Birds of Prey #56, and Batgirl #0. Next week we attack (figuratively) masculinity in comics.

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel is still my favorite so far.

I would be very curious now to see comics from other countries and cultures… I’ve seen a number of different comics and graphic novels from France and Belgium, since Quebec is French and therefore libraries often have french comics. In our local library, there are many, from the standard Asterix to consipiracy-ridden tales definitely for adults. Some of them have absolutely stunning artwork, simply incredible, while others are looser. It would be interesting to explore Russian, African, South American, and any other “-an” comics… the stories must be both vastly different and curiously similar.

Long Live The Pen/cil! 🙂

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