My Saturday verboseness is ahead…….      :-O

Sketching swords and horses this morning… in an effort to recover from an intense and grueling two-hour interview, oh the pain and torture!! Just kidding. Terry Tardis was a very interesting person to speak with, and very patient with a socially awkward paintbrush-holder such as myself. Thank you Terry, it was a great experience! Even though I probably mumbled through my Chardonnay. And your accent was adorable. 😉

For any serious Doctor Who fans, I really recommend listening to his podcasts, as most of them begin with an overview of different periods in Who History, beginning with William Hartnell and moving forward from there. Search for “What’s A Half-Century To A Time Lord” in iTunes if you would like to give it a try.

For Who fans such as myself who haven’t seen many – if any – of the classic series (honestly, they are different from what we are used to now), those reviews shed an informed light on what we know of the Doctor now.

Terry has been involved with Golden Spiral Media as well in the past, with the amazing show Fringe, and therefore the Fringe Podcast, so he has some pretty solid experience.

I’m touting off about these people, and the podcast topic, simply because as many people already know, podcasts are simply awesome (yes, I said it, the dreaded “awesome”…), and when done properly, are informative, fun, and put a different perspective on whatever subject they explore. The best part? You can listen while you work, or house clean, or whatever!

Doctor Who is a very special show to me and despite the fact that it has its origins in being a children’s show, has explored topics such as prejudice, racism, violence, and tolerance (in the “rebooted” series’, I can’t speak for the classics. Yet.) Fringe also tackled issues in interesting and quirky ways. I have a feeling Revolution may take a look at one or two issues as well, but we’ll see what happens in that arena (I only speak, of course, of the shows I watch, there are others).

This is, in my opinion, the freedom of what falls under speculative fiction, sci-fi, fantasy… in book form, movie, or television, all those neat areas where you can take a “shhh” topic, dress it up in different clothes and call it “relaxed” instead of “comfortable”. It isn’t always done well, but when it is, it’s fantastic.


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