My last post of the week. All the Perna Studios Hallowe’en 2 artist proof cards have now been reserved- thank you! I have about two more weeks on my current sketch card project, and then will be back to commissions full time as well as more horses and the Endangered series.

Before I leave you with the link to my next-to-last .99 auction for the Darth Vader card (from Journey to the Force Awakens set), let me leave with my Doctor Who bit – if you’re a watcher of Game of Thrones (I don’t get it on any channels) it seems Maisie Williams – who plays Arya Stark – will be making an appearance in tomorrow night’s episode of Doctor Who entitled “The Girl Who Died”. This episode involves Vikings. Ought to be interesting…!

And here is the link to Darth Vader (the image is in the previous post, so I won’t repeat it here):


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