Not in too much of a chatty mood these days, these are (personally) trying times. But life goes on, what can one say.

A couple of new pieces are complete, and there will be several new ones to show soon too! Have been working on Perna Studios’ “Spellcasters II” set, and should soon have a couple of previews approved.

Ending on Ebay later today is my last “Journey to the Force Awakens” artist proof card, my version of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. Ending tomorrow is my first “Force Awakens series 2” artist proof card. The number of artists doing cards on the series 2 set is, if I’m not mistaken, even smaller than on the first set, so these cards are likely very rare indeed. Thank you for looking!

Desert Planet Jakku,     Darth Anakin,      All Selling

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