In Norse mythology, Mjölnir (also Mjǫlnir, Mjollnir, Mjölner, Mjølner, Mjølnir or Mjølne) is the hammer of Thor, a major Norse god associated with thunder. Mjölnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains.[citation needed] In his account of Norse mythology Snorri Sturluson relates how the hammer was made by the dwarven brothers Sindri and Brokkr, and how its characteristically short handle was due to a mishap during its manufacture.

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Today we are permitted to show our cards created for Perna Studios “Classic Mythology II” trading card set. For my cards, I did a variety, but did more than before on the topic of Norse mythology, and to be honest, should there ever be a third set on this topic I might do even more. My personal favorite card is the card of Thor’s Hammer… I had someone in particular in mind when painting this, and it will always have sentimental value for me.

I had four Artist Proof cards available for this set, all are now spoken for.

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