This week marks the beginning of something new. In shameless promotion of my Drawn and Divided project, I’ve gotten 10 prints from CatPrint to give away! I now have TWO prints to offer for FREE those amazing people who’d like to support my project on Patreon.

During the year, you will also get a collection of prints and useable postcards of already completed watercolors, and those in progress. The goal is 100 watercolors! There might be an acrylic piece in there too, but that remains to be seen.

This weekend I’ll be setting up a poll over there for your input, so be sure to check that out!

For as little as $1 a month, you will be supporting my on-going project Drawn and Divided. Consisting mostly of watercolors, but may well include other mediums depending on the subjects I’ll be sketching or painting, this project takes a look at the world by way of my travel sketches and on-site photos. What do you get out of it? Well, aside for the wonderful feeling of being part of a creative effort, you will also get free prints, or sets of postcard versions of the sketches… Even collections. I already have a series of 12 watercolors that, one by one with your help, will be shared with you. Please don’t be afraid, you can reject a month or even cancel if you change your mind, but levels start at just one dollar a month! Other levels include $3, $5, and $7, so there is something for everyone, and everyone will get something out of it.

Some of my horse related pieces might become part of the deal too, if anyone wishes it! As of today, I have two horse prints to start things going – to anyone pledging $1 a month, I’ll send you the set of two prints. This will let me reproduce the watercolors! Visit my Patreon to join in.

These are the two prints I’ll send you, and below them are two samples of the twelve (so far) watercolors.

One of two free prints for becoming a Patron! Gloss print, approximately 6 x 9 inches

One of the two current free gifts for becoming a Patron. Printed on card, approximately 8 x 11 iinches.









Two of the twelve current watercolors:

Art Update – Rogue One and Upcoming Cards

2.5 x 3.5 inches, acrylic, on Topps cardstock.

Up for auction, and ending tomorrow, is the last of two available Rogue One series 1 Artist Proof cards. If you wish to bid, please click the image or here to visit Ebay, and thank you!

Work has also begun on Topps’ Walking Dead trading card/sketch card set. Pretty nervous about that, not sure if my work will be approved! Crossing my fingers.

There will soon be another iCardz Brothers in Arms: America at War card available as well – likely on Etsy. I have a few sketched out, just looking for a chance to paint them. AND, a new painting in the works! On the theme of Star Wars, and I’m looking forward to that.

Also have a text update on my Patreon page, will soon have images to go along with it. For one dollar a month (refuseable at any time, cancelable as well), you will be supporting my Drawn and Divided project. More perks are becoming available, and even more free and reduced stuff will be given and offered to Patreons as time goes on. Check it out!

Mid-Winter Best, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Super short note to everyone… Thank you to EVERYONE for having dropped by my site this year, for having encouraged me, for letting me share my world with you. May you all have a safe holiday (though “holiday” is quite the wrong word as most people I know will be working as usual next week, including myself, but hey I am not complaining one bit) and nothing but smooth sailing and good health in the New Year!

I look forward to chatting with you when we’re all sober again, and sharing my sketching as I walk off those Christmas pounds. :-p  Please take care and here is to the human race in 2017. Cheers!

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Art Update – Rogue One Series 1 from Topps Entertainment

Saturday, I’m off to see Rogue One, and I can’t wait! After drawing and painting from teasers trailers for the past several months, I really can’t wait to actually find out what the story is. Topps has given us permission to show our cards for this set, and I know have my first Artist Proof card available (shown and noted on the bottom of this post). It will go on Ebay a bit later today – if you prefer to purchase directly from me (away from FeeBay) please contact me!

Sunday I expect to post a short, spoiler-free review of the movie, so if that interests you do drop in later on in the weekend!

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Art Update

With lots of Christmas cooking coming into view, work on three different sketch card/art card sets is now rolling along. Sketches and watercolors based on my travels last Spring (and some classic clothing sketches will be shown too later this week) are moving along and slowly being posted on my Patreon. Help me devote a bit more time to those drawing by becoming a Patreon supporter! A dollar a month (which you can cancel anytime!), it all helps keep paint tubes full!

Artist Proof cards for Rogue One series 1 will be available after December 16, so they’ll be shown here first! In other news, CatPrint has asked if I’d like to be Artist of the Month in either January or February, and of course I said I’d be so delighted! An acrylic card with a cat and pony is now complete and will be the image for that. I’m awfully excited about CatPrint inviting me to participate in their monthly offer.

Here are a few pieces that can be shown, that have been done lately:

Jyn, from Rogue One (personal sketch card)

Jyn, from Rogue One (personal sketch card)

Orson Krennic, from Rogue One. (personal sketch card)

Orson Krennic, from Rogue One. (personal sketch card)

Beginning sketch: "Kampe med en Slange" (Battle with a Snake). Watercolor sketch, in progress. End result will be shown on Patreon.

Beginning sketch: “Kampe med en Slange” (Battle with a Snake). Watercolor sketch, in progress. End result will be shown on Patreon. (this is a cell phone shot, sorry about the lens crack in the image)

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Patreon – My Evolution

A sketch from "The Book of Nothing" sketchbook. What happens when you refuse to stop and ask for directions......

A sketch from “The Book of Nothing” sketchbook. What happens when you refuse to stop and ask for directions……

As already mentioned in the previous post, I gone went and set up a Patreon. From the intro page: Much as I love the 2.5 x 3.5 inch world of art cards, in order to keep developing as a creator/illustrator/artist, it’s also essential that I explore different subjects, ideas, and techniques. Many of those are not the kind of art that sells right away, which means I cannot pay my bills. Your generous donation allows me to continue developing as an artist and keep eating as well. My goal on Patreon is (and I’m not very good at this) to ask for support that will permit me to paint the world and improve my skills. My Patrons will see all this first, have the opportunity to help me choose the next subject, or what medium to use next. Create art with me!

I love art cards and have no intention of stopping, but the need to grow has become deafening. To pay the bills, it’s necessary to create what sells the quickest – and I’m not at all complaining! It leaves no opportunity, however, to try different things, to take a risk and fail. Failing is necessary to grow, but it doesn’t buy new paint or food for dinner.

Patreon works like this; You can choose any amount you like (mine is set up per month), from $1 (yes, one dollar) to $20 (my choice to put that limit). And this is the most important part: you can cancel or refuse at any time, you’re in no way, shape, or form committed for the rest of you life!

I’ve set a few “goals”… If enough people patron me to total $5 every month, I’ll create a thank you video. You get to “meet” me. Other goals include putting together “how the card or painting was created” presentations. There can be room for tutorials, if there is any interest. My Patreon has only been up for a few days, please take a look! If you decide you can become one of my Patrons, I’m immensely grateful, and you will have the freedom to give feedback, decide what to do with any artwork deemed a “success”. Please click here—– Ingrid Hardy on Patreon

Thank you! Live Long and Prosper.

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