Water Therapy: The Sound of Silence

20 minute watercolor sketch, on site

My mission, should I decide to accept it (and of course I have, because I’m here), is to endeavor to understand the world I live in, which is of course utterly impossible. But through that very selfish view, the ambition is that you, the viewer, see something of the world that is meaningful to you.

Be that through my interpretation of Princess Leia, or a log in the water, or a bridge built centuries before, the idea is that once in a while (hopefully) something I’ve done rings true for you in some tiny way. A face that represents something for you, be it a story or a memory. A texture you’d like to feel one day.

Most of the time I fail, but I’m okay with that, because each failure represents a lesson, and some of those lessons have to be learned, once and again.

Obviously it’s Friday and my brain is mush (lol) but I felt the need to share that. Being a creative type (run, run while you can!), is both devastating and exciting. The first because, cliché as it sounds, some situations and feelings are more intense and disturbing than they should be (took me forever to learn that), and they can very easily derail the mind and just mire one in awfulness. The second because I’m lucky enough to have an outlet for all that, though I’m still learning, whereas some people haven’t found their “thing” to help them figure life out. I’d probably be an alcoholic if I couldn’t sketch and paint. On a practical level, the business end of being an artist balances the “floofy” part nicely. Overwhelming on occasion, it nonetheless presents very valid reasons to get those feet back on the ground and realize that other people are usually pretty darn nice.

Honestly, when life gets to you, drag out some paper. Doodle, write, through some paint down! Journal your way through life with a small sketch book that you can keep only for yourself if you don’t wish to show it. Those drawings and sketches could be amazing or primitive – it doesn’t matter! They will contain something no technology can ever offer – the world through YOUR own eyes. They will trigger emotional memories to share with people you care about, that a photo, while wonderful, might not catch. Something to think about. 🙂

Below are some of my latest pieces:


Pochade Plein Air Painting

Thank you to my Patrons – you encouraged me to try something I hadn’t done before. My attempt is primitive – not meant to be “pretty” – the aim was to see if oils are something I would stick with. Not exclusively but as a learning tool for what I do every work day with illustration and sketch/art cards.

4 x 6 inches, oils with 1 brush, 5 colors, no thinner. This was a trial run. Full post on my Patreon page



June Art Update

Gandalf arrives in Hobbiton. 2.5 x 3.5 inches, acrylic, hand painted

Posts have been few and far between, only because I’ve been pushing the pencil and paintbrush so much lately, and having a very good time with it. Projects for Alien (Upper Deck), Journey to The Last Jedi (Topps), Little Shop of Horrors (Attic Cards), and a few outstanding commissions are now done. Onwards and forwards to begin several new commissioned paintings and cards, as well as do a few PSC (personal sketch/art cards).

Also in progress are a few sketches for Drawn and Divided to be shown publicly – for anyone to see – and will be posting a preview of some of the above-mentioned projects for patrons only. The itch to not only do some watercolors outside, but to try some oil or acrylic painting outside is getting really strong. Now that the nice weather is FINALLY arriving, I’m not sure I can resist the urge much longer… 😁

One last thing, I was asked permission to use a couple of older posts and current images for a pretty amazing site that feature a lot of Lord of the Rings artwork. If you explore that site a little, you’ll see lots of gorgeous art and sketches from many wonderful artists! Check it out over here: LOTR Arts

As always, thanks for visiting and reading, until next time – Allons-y! To summer and beyond! 😊

Topps’ 40th Anniversary artist proof. 2.5 x 3.5 inches, acrylic, hand painted

Chirrut, personal sketch card. 2.5 x 3.5 inches, acrylic.

May the Fourth Be-With You, Be-Lated

Well, it is the 5th of May, and not the 4th… Anyways, onwards and forwards! A short post to show some current stuff, and there will be numerous other things to show soon as well. On Drawn and Divided (Patreon), the next sketch was finished last weekend, and I hope to add the watercolors to that this weekend, given the opportunity. A bridge in Spain is the victim of this painting. I’m also trying to decide which of the previous watercolors should be the next print… I might set up a poll for anyone interested! As well, seeing as Spring has arrived, I’m looking forward to taking my Moleskine back outside for sketching while walking the Teckel!

I’ll have a whole mess of commissions to show shortly, but for now these three Artist Proof cards (two are spoken for, Leia is on Ebay until Monday morning May 8th) are from Topps Entertainment’s Star Wars 40th Anniversary Trading Card set, just released this week. Leia, Han, and Luke are the three completed so far.

Please forgive the watermarks, but due to recent events my image posts will probably always have them from now on. They do not appear on the actual artwork… 🙂

New Rogue One Page

It’s Saturday! Housecleaning, laptop cleaning… le sigh. BUT, the weather is getting better so that also means walking the dog and sketching outside! 😀 It also means continuing my Drawn and Divided project. On deck is an absolutely ah-maz-ing bridge some friends of ours traveled over on their trip to Spain this year. Obviously I couldn’t do any on-site sketching, but they’ve given me permission to sketch from their photos, so I do invite you to stick around for that. That bridge is gorgeous. The whole country looks gorgeous. Before that however, I’ll be finishing the watercolor of the boat mast in Nyborg, Denmark. All those folds and pleats – I couldn’t not sketch that while there…

For now, there is a new page up for all the cards I did for Topps’ Rogue One series 2 trading card set. Please forgive the messy appearance…. 😶  Do let me know if there are any problems with the images. ♥

Have a fantastic weekend!

April Update

Rogue One series 2 Artist Proof card. One fine morning on Jakku, there was a Walker… 2.5 x 3.5 inches on official Topps series two cardstock.

New pieces – an 8 x 10 and a few new personal sketch/art cards! As well, an Artist Proof card on Ebay that finishes Saturday.

By the way, these PSCs are my way of trying to improve my skills – basic drawing techniques always need to be worked on, and my paint application skills are far from reliable. Doing watercolors and sketches for my Drawn and Divided project on Patreon, is really and truly helping me continue the learning process, and have a pretty good time while doing it.

So the personal cards are actually a series in their own right, from the beginning of Lord of the Rings, and from The Force Awakens on because last year marked my 10 year anniversary having sketch card be a part of my job (but I had no time to do anything about it.

If you enjoy looking at any of these (crossing my fingers that you do!) stick around, there should be a good deal more. This weekend I will also have the time to finish the next Drawn and Divided piece – the folded boat mast. Strengthen drawing skills, you must…! That’ll be on my Patreon. 🙂

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