Chirrut vs Stormtrooper – Topps’ Rogue One series 1 artist proof card. Ebay auction ends February 7, 2017

Time has flown by since my last update! There has been too much to do, and that will continue for about another four weeks. After that my commission list will be open again and I really look forward to doing some different things!

My cards for Rogue One series 2 are finished, and I’m nearly done with Star Wars 40th anniversary. Then I’ll try to make the deadline for Upper Deck’s Spiderman and finish up The Walking Dead set! When all these sets were offered, I didn’t know the deadlines would be so close together… Oy. Live and learn. 🙂 The the last cards for Perna Studio’s Elementals set – a TON of fun to work on, I just love the set.

Another set close to my heart is Star Wars 40th, of course because I’m a fan, but also because the Star Wars 30th set was my very first sketch card set. Ten years ago! I honestly can’t believe it has been that long – it truly doesn’t feel that way. My kids were still kids, our Teckel had not yet come into our lives, my mum and aunt were both still healthy, I had living uncles… Lots of things have changed since then. But good things have happened too! I’ve made friends, both real and virtual (and I appreciate both kinds more than anyone will ever know), my goal in life has become much clearer, and I love my unpredictable job.

What has changed for you in the past ten years? I hope good things have happened for you as well. If you are feeling chatty, share your thoughts!

New sketch for watercolors from the Patreon-supported project Drawn and Divided. Your support helps this project become a book AND supporters receive free prints!

Art Update!

Snow WalkerThe very last of my Star Wars Masterwork 2 cards is now done and available on Ebay. Rancho Obi-Wan has not yet given me the link to the PadmĂ© card (a few posts below) but I’ll post it as soon as they do.

A new short post showing another watercolor is now up on my Patreon site! Early access to any new watercolors, or travel related art will be shown over there first. Sketch card related work will always be shown here, that does not change at all. Patreon is to help support my development outside the sketch card world, with outdoor/travel sketching, watercolors of many different topics, things like that. Your support over is immensely important and appreciated!

To all you American folk who pass by this site – Happy Fowl-Fest to you all, have a safe time of it. Gobble gobble!

Patreon – My Evolution

A sketch from "The Book of Nothing" sketchbook. What happens when you refuse to stop and ask for directions......

A sketch from “The Book of Nothing” sketchbook. What happens when you refuse to stop and ask for directions……

As already mentioned in the previous post, I gone went and set up a Patreon. From the intro page: Much as I love the 2.5 x 3.5 inch world of art cards, in order to keep developing as a creator/illustrator/artist, it’s also essential that I explore different subjects, ideas, and techniques. Many of those are not the kind of art that sells right away, which means I cannot pay my bills. Your generous donation allows me to continue developing as an artist and keep eating as well. My goal on Patreon is (and I’m not very good at this) to ask for support that will permit me to paint the world and improve my skills. My Patrons will see all this first, have the opportunity to help me choose the next subject, or what medium to use next. Create art with me!

I love art cards and have no intention of stopping, but the need to grow has become deafening. To pay the bills, it’s necessary to create what sells the quickest – and I’m not at all complaining! It leaves no opportunity, however, to try different things, to take a risk and fail. Failing is necessary to grow, but it doesn’t buy new paint or food for dinner.

Patreon works like this; You can choose any amount you like (mine is set up per month), from $1 (yes, one dollar) to $20 (my choice to put that limit). And this is the most important part: you can cancel or refuse at any time, you’re in no way, shape, or form committed for the rest of you life!

I’ve set a few “goals”… If enough people patron me to total $5 every month, I’ll create a thank you video. You get to “meet” me. Other goals include putting together “how the card or painting was created” presentations. There can be room for tutorials, if there is any interest. My Patreon has only been up for a few days, please take a look! If you decide you can become one of my Patrons, I’m immensely grateful, and you will have the freedom to give feedback, decide what to do with any artwork deemed a “success”. Please click here—– Ingrid Hardy on Patreon

Thank you! Live Long and Prosper.

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