TFA X-Wing Artist Proof - sketch stage

TFA X-Wing Artist Proof – sketch stage

Being your own boss has its ups and downs, as most people surely know in this day and age. In my life, I’ve had two careers: groom and horse trainer, and Illustrator, for a couple of years at the same time. For the latter part of my time working with horses, I was pretty much my own boss as well, counting three, four, sometimes five clients/stables simultaneously, but usually just two. Inevitably, boredom sets in and one looks for ways to make the job more interesting or to improve one’s skills, because there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

intermittently – when starting out in the working world, I had a few “regular” jobs: worked nights in a bank sorting cheques (paid well), did some time working in a framing shop (that was cool), washed dishes (hated that job), was an ESL teacher (terribly stressful), and gave riding lessons. Every single job taught me something (Joy dishwashing liquid does NOT make your hands softer!), but the most important thing they taught me was this: most run-of-the-mill jobs do not let you, and often don’t even encourage you, to grow… To move forward and ask questions, change your mind about things or reaffirm something you have learned. Time moves on without you and suddenly there is no more time for questions.

Being your own boss is undoubtedly the scariest job there is – except for being a parent – from the point of view of job security, because of course there are jobs MUCH more frightening, in a life-threatening way. However, there is one thing that makes up for all that. If you have a question about something, or develop an interest in a new way of doing your job, or you feel you want to explore deeper something you are currently doing, by golly there’s a darn good chance your boss will let you.

So where is this post going? No where in particular, except to say that today, no matter what your job is – a “regular” job or a self-employed one – think of something about the job you’re doing that you’d like to learn more about. Go with it. It might lead you somewhere interesting!

Okay, done with the chatter. The sketch up top is  my very last Artist Proof card from Topps’ The Force Awakens 1 trading card set, in the pencil stage. Below is the finished result. It’s up on Ebay for a 3-day auction finishing Friday afternoon. The previous Artist Proof from this set is in my store – it has not appeared on Ebay, and so far the plan is to keep it here. If you are interested in that card, let me know!

Work on the next set for Perna Studios has begun, and one card for that set in particular is one I cannot wait to show. The card stock is a bit different and I think it looks pretty cool. I’m also doing more Lord of the Rings cards, from the 5 Armies as well as the older movies, below is one of three cards sketched – as soon as they are complete they will be posted.

In closing for this week, thank you for reading, and here’s to finding new rabbit holes to follow! 🙂

Personal Sketch/Art Card, Éowyn, sketch stage

Personal Sketch/Art Card, Éowyn, sketch stage

TFA X-Wing Artist Proof - final stage

TFA X-Wing Artist Proof – final stage

TFA X-Wing Artist Proof - proper scan

TFA X-Wing Artist Proof – proper scan

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