I’m done! “The” project is done. All that’s left is paperwork, scanning, and hoping my cards will be approved, I’ve not done so many for a set in a long time, on top of other projects to be worked on. Nevertheless I’m so happy to have been invited to participate in it, and look forward to sharing details with everyone when permitted.

So that means that Monday I’m 200% back into commissions and jobs, so keep an eye out for scans from me, if you are one of the wonderfully patient people waiting for things from me. It shan’t be long now, for true!

At the bottom of this post is one commission completed – a Halloween AP from Perna Studios, and next week will include Disney, an almost completed already cover, Halloween, the start of my Chrome Perspective returns, and more. Perhaps not all at once…   😛  For later on, I’ve been thinking of creating card-size reproductions of some of my cards – both my own and commissions. I’d love to hear feedback on this idea, be it positive or negative, for curiosity.

Concerning that little movie coming out in December called The Force Awakens (maybe you’ve heard of it?), it seemed I’d have to wait until January to see it, as tickets up here have been snapped up like nobody’s business. A few theatres within a 50 mile radius will have tickets, but one would have to stand in line – and judging by the fact that nearly all advance tickets available within a 100 km area are sold out (except for rafter seats), it’s a good guess the lines will be long. I’m not 20 years old anymore. Biting the busquit, I bought VIP tickets in a theatre for my son, daughter, and myself (significant other gets to tag along with me for the second viewing in January), so I’m really happy! Cushy seats and appetizers included. Shucks, how terrible.  😆

Makes up, a little, for the fact that I can’t get any tickets for Muse in Montreal next January. Ah, c’est la vie.

Lastly, if you were (or know someone who was) following the show Outlander – written by Diana Gabaldon – last winter/spring, I wrote a piece about the infamous season finale episode “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”, second of the two-parter finale. Discretion is advised, it was not an episode for the faint-hearted. The article was published on the Black Ship Books site. I write articles on various topics that either concern or interest me, and following my interview with Matt Fuller two weeks ago, I’d be interested in interviewing other people in the sketch card and/or art community – etiher collectors or artists. Interested? Let me know. Would you like to read about someone? Throw names in the hat! People are terribly nice about responding to my little emails, thus far.

Until next week, may the gouls and goblins leave your chocolate stashes untouched!  🙂

Artist Proof card of the Grim Reaper, from Perna Studio's Halloween 2 trading card set.

Artist Proof card of the Grim Reaper, from Perna Studio’s Halloween 2 trading card set.

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