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So there is a new prompt this week over at Flash fiction Friday, and it gave me the wish to participate again, if only for this week. Flannery has asked us all: what inspires us to write?

My answer to the prompt is divided below into three parts: What I’m doing now, and what I find inspiring, and the conclusion.


What I’m Doing Now

I haven’t taken part in FFF for some time, and as part of my post, I would like to say why. The prompts that are posted are all very inspiring – I still get the RSS feed and look at each week’s prompt – and each time I read them, the brain starts to curdle and ideas come up for a tale. Flash Fiction is fun – short and sweet, then on to the next.

But since the Spring (and way, way before that) I’ve wanted to try longer fiction. I’m writing my third book now. The first was THE most awful string of words EVER. Honestly. The second was only marginally better, the end just unreadable. Except for the last two or three paragraphs, perhaps – they were not too bad.

I want the current book I am writing to at least be readable. Whether or not it will be good is something else entirely, and it isn’t really what I worry about. “Good” is usually little more than a point of view. There is a chance that someone, somewhere, on the planet might just like it, and another (more likely everybody else, giggle, will not). Such is life.

The point is, as nearly everyone knows, time is always scarce. The time available to me for writing can be spend doing one thing or another, and right now, I’d like to spend it understanding the mechanics of a half-way decent tale. My day job is an Illustrator/Painter (and, for the record, making any kind of living at this job is a never-ending challenge), and a couple of years ago I’d begun a project on my own that I really enjoyed. Because of deadlines, I had to put it aside, and eventually forgot about it. Round about the time I started (again) on the story I wanted to write, the sketches and drawing for that project came up.

A eureka moment happened, by golly.

So now I’ve got a writing project AND an art project going along at the same time. That would be great if it actually succeeded…

Sometimes I hate being one of those “creative types”.


Damn it, everything is inspiring.

Honestly! That dratted dog that walks by every day and pees all over your tulips, might just have licked the leftovers of someone’s Big Mac, which had been processed (again and again and again) with a vat of snot green goo that came from Wile E. Coyote Chemicals, Inc and now not only does the dog pee in florescent colors, but the tulips have developed in interest in the cat you just got from the lady down the street. You know, that really strange lady that never, ever goes to the grocery store. She’s always by the mailbox, though, talking to herself. A little Looney Tunes, she is, I think.

Anyway. My point is, stories come from everywhere, and the prompts that FFF provides are always inspiring – words, phrases, pictures…

I personally really like the impossible settings mixed with really nasty motives or emotions. Lots of interesting takes on prompts like that are put forth by all the participants.


That is basically all I have to say on the matter.

Oh, did I mention how “life” seems to just wants to *bleep* everything up, the moment… no, the second, you decide “I’m going to do such-and such?”

Life says, “you twerp, do you really think it’s going to be that easy? Do you?? Have you not learnt by now, that it’s just not going to happen?

“I mock your attempts!” Life scoffs. “Ha! Your teenagers shall now go through a life-changing crisis! Your house shall be invaded by an onslaught of creatures that think they are humans wishing you birthday tidings! Your cat shall vomit the backyard lawn – repeatedly – all over your bed! And, on top of all that… you shall discover the joys of ereading on your phone!!! Take that, you weak excuse of a creative-type person.”

I tell you, it is next to impossible to ignore the pull of a good book, just begging to be read, and when it is sitting in your damn pocket on that stupid phone, how can you say no? Never mind the teenager, I want my book.

Life is grand, is it not?

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