Well, my website issues have been resolved. Happy WordPresser here! Their latest update (3.9.1) seemed to completely iron out all the remaining issues, keeping my fingers crossed that things are back to normal. The WordPress support forums were a great help in this, and the staff were very nice and kept up on things to find solutions. I must also say that using supported themes seems to help as well, fewer bugs than in any of the other themes I tried. My fan girl site is also using a supported theme (though I’m not sure I’ve found THE theme for that site yet…) and runs like a solid steam engine. Happy happy.

Quite a few new art pieces this week, with only one piece I can’t show yet (but it features a werewolf! yay!), and my personal project is rolling along very nicely, thank you very much. Below are the new pieces that have been approved. The newsletter I’m sending out today also has all my available cards to date.

Speaking of available cards, my two Walking Dead artist proof cards will be returned back to me in approximately three weeks. I’ve had some interest already in them, though I haven’t made them available quite yet.

Game of Thrones - Dragon

Game of Thrones – Dragon



Epona - Classic Mythology II


Freya - Classic Mythology II


Justina - Classic Mythology II

Myth of the Unicorn – Justina

So for now, Happy Weekend! (go Montreal! )

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