An artwork update this time…

For anyone who might be be following any of my artwork for sale, my commission list – while not yet complete – is approaching completion (except for one ongoing commission). While there are a few new projects of different sorts on the horizon, I have a good deal of returns cards and Artist Proof cards to paint. They will take several months, at least, to get through, but I would really like to have some fun with them

For instance. For all two of you who keep up with my writing, stuff that includes Arthurian-type ilk, or bricks and stone castles – well they are just… just illegally fun to paint! So with my “boob” over-size AP’s (cards that are usually 4 x 5 inches, or thereabouts, instead of the usual 2.5 x 3.5), there will be the required boobage view, but very probably in fantastic settings, of one sort or another. I’m thinking epic fantasy with a little lemon twist.

Of course, now that I have stated my plan, it’ll likely go down with the Titanic, but that is the plan I’ve got.

Classic Mythology – I have five of those cards and can’t wait to start. At least one will have Pegasus, and I’d like to explore fantastic landscapes  with the others. With the mythological characters within of course.

Warlord of Mars – not too sure what direction to take with these yet.

Contemporary pinups – not too sure where to go with these yet either, although the idea of playing with food came to mind…

Whatever the outcome, I’d love to hear what you think of them when they are done. My homepage will have the images when they are ready: Rabid Horse

Oh, and how about that news this week? Fringe renewed for a fifth and final season! Yes!

Until next time, Geek or Nerd? Go with Gerd! 🙂

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