I’m hoping to continue writing within a week or two, my daydreaming is getting out of control. 😀

Updates this week includes my third attempt at creating vector art. The image below is actually based on my second attempt and the I changed my mind and it grew from there. Tomorrow I’m going to try one of those old canister things… you know, those things your great-grandparents used to carry around in their back pockets. Filled with medicine. The fact that the medicine seemed to contain mostly alcohol is irrelevant, of course.

Those were the good ol’ days…

And then I’m really happy to finally be allowed to present the artwork I created for Perna Studio’s “Classic Mythology 2” trading card set, due out next year. This image was used for the Ohio Comicon Promos.

Finally, tomorrow I should have a new commission to show, and a new Personal Art Card…

Vector Art:

“Baby, you can push my buttons…”


“From the land that never was…”

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