This week, painting was what most of my time went into.  And that worked out quite well, actually, seeing as Muse came out with their new album “The 2nd Law” and I’ve had every opportunity to listen to it a time or twenty. Before showing a few art samples, please permit me to ramble on about that new album because, as everyone knows, music is a freelancer’s best friend. 😀

As a Muse fan, I think it’s one of their best albums so far, but you have to like the melodramatic (with a pinch of disco/Queen-type tossed in for flavor). Of course, if you are already a fan of Muse, you know they do that rather well indeed. After listening to “Madness”, the single released before the album, I was a little worried. It’s a nice tune, but not one to make you curl your toes. The first tune on the album, “Supremacy”, is very toe-curl-worthy however, with the feel of an epic soundtrack. The big surprise for me were two tunes further on in the album: “Save Me” and “Liquid State”. Both these tunes are written and sung by the band’s bass player Chris Wolstenholme, and I gotta admit I love’em both. 🙂  Isolated system features a baby’s heartbeat and is really an amazing tune to drift away with.

Apologies… I think the band is brave to try new things and not always produce the same old recipes. Efforts like that don’t always succeed, but in my opinion, this album did. I love it. And it is giving me the courage to keep trying new things myself.

Right then, back to it.

I’ve begun a new painting destined to be printed as a base card in an upcoming set – I believe it is due out early next year – and it is great fun to work on. As well, with the new Lord of the Rings movie “The Hobbit” coming out sometime in November (I think), I’ve completed a second personal sketch card based on a character from the trailer, Kili. (It is sold)

Also done are a couple of commissions from the first Lord of the Rings movies, and the third of my Unicorns. Unicorn number four will be complete next week. Also due next week is some more training in Illustrator…



Kili (The Hobbit)

Arwen’s River

The Third Unicorn

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