I think it’s okay to say that I am part of Perna Studio’s Mythology 2 trading card set, due out this year. It is part of several things I’ve been working on lately, and cannot wait to show some of those cards.

In between the set cards, here are a couple finished that can be shown; the first two are the next-to-last in a complex series of cards privately commissioned, based on the Lord of the Rings movies. The following card is another in the series of Unicorn cards, this unicorn based on the Icelandic horses. Well, technically they are ponies, as they are generally smaller in size than the 14.2 inch limit that defines ponies vs horses. This particular Bastard Unicorn is named Bragi. Bragi, in mythology, was one of the ancient Norse gods, the god of poetry and was very wise (rather paradoxical, for a pony!). He (the god, not the pony) was married to Iðunn and he had runes cut on his tongue.

Before showing those cards, I’d like to remind any interested collectors that I am preparing my first newsletter reboot to go out in a couple of weeks. If you would like to receive a copy, either just email me to let me know, of fill out the form in the 3rd box/widget down to the right of your screen. It is an informal newsletter (theoretically it will be monthly) giving updates on what sets I am doing (if allowed to say) what cards I have available and anything else that might be new. If you decide it isn’t for you, it is easy to unsubscribe, or again just let me know and I’ll remove you. No problems at all.

Alright then! Until next time, Allons-y! 😀

Home of a Hobbit

There and Back Again - Lord of the Rings

Icelandic Unicorn

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