An art update on this Labor Day morning. First, my Mars Attacks! card has been converted to an auction! If you would like to view it, or perhaps place a bid, please click HERE. The auction will end Saturday morning, September 8.

Also up for auction is my last Dungeon Dolls oversized artist proof card (shown directly below). This auction is for three days only and will end September 5th. Please click HERE to visit the auction…

Lastly (but not leastly), is a new personal sketch card, or art card. Painted on my own card stock with the Rabid Horse logo printed on the back, you are guaranteed certainty that it is my card, not anyone else’s. This auction is a five-day auction and finished on Saturday, September 8th. Please click HERE to visit the auction…

Thank you for reading, and for visiting my blog! I welcome any comments. 🙂

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